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Disrupted By Despair: Shifting To Support" is the story about Aanisah Alomar, aka the Gentle Chameleon, who is living with depression and possesses the powers of shapeshifting and premonition (sensing the future). She owns a small wellness business that is growing. However, competition is opening nearby. Aanisah recently returned to school to get a degree in nursing with a minor in business. She is overwhelmed by work, family responsibilities, and school. Having a hard time, her symptoms of depression worsen. This makes her want to hide. Aanisah randomly shapeshifts into a chameleon, which allows her to change her colors and blend into the background. She is in a work learning program for people who work full-time while also going to school. Aanisah begins to lose her drive. She stops caring about her business, misses class assignments, and is struggling at home. Her depression is getting worse and her random shapeshifting becomes a danger to everyone around her - including herself. Just when she thinks she cannot get it together, The Dimensions and her Work Learning Program show up. Will this be enough to help Aanisah help herself, get back on track at home, AND graduate on time?

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