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‘When Nicotine Attacks: Fight the Crave’ features the story of Eric Ripple, a park ranger and lead singer in his band, The Dimensions. As we meet up with Eric, he has recently quit smoking tobacco. He still experiences a cough and nicotine withdrawal along with increased anxiety. While practicing for an upcoming gig, Eric starts to cough, get anxious and experiences a rise in agitation. He walks away from his band practice to take a breather and calm down. But instead, he breathes in secondhand smoke which increases his desire for nicotine and sets him off on a nicotine “crave wave”. Hope, his wife, follows him and realizes this situation requires a team of superheroes! She sends out a signal to The Dimensions (who just happen to also be The Dimensions band members) to help. They arrive to find that Eric has been overtaken by Shadow Tsunami, his nicotine craving monster. Eric, with the support of his fellow superheroes (and bandmates), is pulled from Shadow Tsunami and transformed into Captain Calm, a superhero with super strength (and able to talk to animals as needed, but that is for a later story).  His superhero friends provide much-needed counseling, nicotine replacement, clean air, and support to help him battle his nicotine crave wave. But in the end, Captain Calm will have to be the one to give his addiction the last punch! Once the battle is over, there is much to celebrate! Oh! And a gig to play down at The Well!

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