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This is the story of Leo Lowe, a wheelchair-bound veteran living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and drummer for The Dimensions, a band whose mates turn into superheroes when needed. Leo begins his day with his disciplined morning routine. A newspaper photo on the wall reminds him of his platoon buddies who were lost in war. He arrives to the library for his work shift already on edge. A car backfires and heightens his PTSD symptoms. A call from his fellow superhero, Raha, prompts him that in addition to PTSD, he’s about to find out about a possible diabetes diagnosis. He logs onto the BH WELL Health Portal to check his labs, knocks his coffee onto the computer, and is sucked into the computer. Leo then needs to navigate the health portal levels to successfully find his lab results, schedule follow up appointments, and pick up his medicine. Just as he finds himself in over his head (literally), his superhero platoon, The Dimensions, show up just in time to help him through the portal. Will these challenges disorient him to the point that his PTSD flares? Hopefully, he can stay focused long enough to complete all the levels and get his health under control. 

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