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Once upon a time, there were eight dimensions of wellness! These dimensions took human and superhuman forms to bring evidence-based research to life on the pages of comic books. Eight characters, each representing a dimension of wellness, share their stories of personal struggles living with a mental or behavioral health challenge. Good thing they each have superpowers to help themselves and each other rise above these challenges to live their best lives.

These comics were created based on BH WELL research, with research findings and key information shared in fact boxes throughout the stories. In addition, these comics were reviewed by the UK Human Development Institute to assure the educational content is accessible and clear to a broad audience with varied abilities. 

Be entertained while you learn! Easy to download for use in classrooms, group settings, mental and behavioral healthcare environments, and more! Each book is rated using the general comics rating system. They are rated either E for Everyone or T for Teen (for comics that depict and/or discuss tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana use).

8 dimensions of wellness

[Issue 1] When Nicotine Attacks: Fight the Crave


When nicotine withdrawal has Eric Ripple experiencing heightened anxiety, he finds himself caught between choosing to slip back into tobacco use or fight the crave. With his bandmates and fellow superheroes, The Dimensions, by his side, this adventure fights the smoke and mirrors associated with nicotine use with solid, evidence-based facts and a little bit of comic adventure along the way.

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[Issue 2] When Things Fall Apart: Rise Above


Lucy Stretch is convinced she can successfully manage a beauty line launch without managing her attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms. What she doesn’t know is that a company “mole” has an evil conspiracy to steal the beauty line. Lucy, along with the help her of her Dimensions friends, will have to rise up to save her company and manage her ADHD symptoms.

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piggy bank

[Issue 3] Through the Portal: Journey to Health


We all have obstacles in life. Leo Lowe, a librarian and veteran living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who uses a wheelchair to enhance independent mobility, handles such obstacles daily! But when Leo learns of his additional diabetes diagnosis through the HealthEVet Health Portal, he gets stuck. Will The Dimensions arrive in time to navigate through the portal with Leo? He has to LEVEL UP in order to connect to the care that he needs to live his best life.

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lifting wieghts


[Issue 4] When Memory Misfires: Boost the Brain


As an inventor, professor, and world-renowned Alzheimer’s researcher, Einstein Al-Kno appears successful. While constantly talking about himself and his accolades, he actually struggles with social and memory skills. He develops a novel memory device to address his struggles, but it backfires when his audience begins losing their memory. Al-Kno’s colleague, Dr. Knull, adds a second flawed invention to the mix until The Dimensions come to the rescue. Ultimately, it is Al-Kno’s evidence-based memory games that save the day!

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gears in a head


[Issue 5] The Neuro Trip: Path to Recovery


Like many of her friends, Nova Pow is trying to reduce the stress of school assignments and general pressures of life by using tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana. However, her struggles with school and stress worsen. The Dimensions enter Nova’s brain through Dr. Al-Kno’s rocket ship. While traveling through her brain, they explain how each substance is impacting the brain and how proper treatments can help her take control of her brain back from the substances. Will Nova accept the support she needs to be successful in school and life?

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[Issue 6] Life Feels Heavy: Lighten the Load


Dance is essential to Raha. It is how she gets in touch with her body and soul! So she teaches “Fit Body & Soul” dance classes at her studio that sits across the street from a community church. Raha also has a problem with impulsive shopping and hoarding. She is supposed to teach a class that evening but her dance studio is filled with her impulsive shopping buys. Just as her “Fit Body & Soul” dance clients are struggling to keep their weight under control, Raha must learn how to lighten the load from the weight of her impulsive shopping and hoarding. As she begins to fall, it may take more than just The Dimensions to help her lighten her load and get her dance studio back in order before class begins.

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clip art of meditation


[Issue 7] Agitated by Angst: Self Care Overcomes


When we join Hope’s story, she has recently given birth and is returning back to work. Like so many professionals working in healthcare settings, Hope is convinced that she can separate her compassion and empathy when she leaves the children’s hospital after teaching all day. However, as a new mom coming back to work, her empathy is heightened for the children battling serious illnesses from their hospital beds. This empathy grows beyond compassion and she experiences a panic attack. With the help of her work colleagues, and The Dimensions, Hope is able to pause to take care of herself. Only then is she ready to resume taking care of her patients and her family. And maybe, just maybe, the superhero children she works with will help her heal.

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[Issue 8] Disrupted by Despair: Shifting to Support


Aanisah Alomar is a passionate wellness shop owner who has struggled with depression most of her life. With competition across the street, Aanisah is struggling to finish nursing school through a work learning program at her local university. Just as she seems to have work, learning, and her home life in check, her depression begins showing up at the most unfortunate times. Her symptoms explode out of control until she begins to get help from new employees at work, faculty and peer tutor support at

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