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"The Neuro Trip: Path to Recovery" features the story of Nova Pow, college student and percussionist for The Dimensions. Her superhero alter-ego, Magnetic Shock, has the powers of magnetic manipulation and attracting objects. Nova has recently been struggling in her classes since she and her friends began using alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana. Her long-time friends and bandmates, The Dimensions, have noticed a change in her. They have noticed an increase in her alcohol consumption and know that her marijuana use served as a 'gate-way' to nicotine use. She arrives late at a band practice clearly under the influence and needing help. Dr. AI-Kno creates a rocketship that can shrink, which allows the group to journey inside Nova's brain to see what damage the drugs are doing. Will they find evidence of a need to change? Will Nova come to understand the importance of being drug and alcohol free? 

The evaluation of comic book 5 is now closed. Participants who evaluated this comic book were entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of six $20 Amazon gift cards. Anyone 18 years of age or older was eligible to participate in this evaluation. 

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