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This story is about Einstein Al-Kno, aka Agent Replacement. He is a professor and health professional who studies Alzheimer’s and Dementia. He has a knack for inventions and plays a keyboard for The Dimensions. He can be selfish and self-centered which make it difficult to socialize, especially when interacting with his academic rival, Dr. Heathrow Knull. Dr. Al-Kno is extremely intelligent and wears a super soaker backpack as his superhero, Agent Replacement. He’s noticed that he’s having a harder time social due to always being busy talking about himself. So he invents a device to enhance his social prowess; but things don’t go as planned. He creates a device that does enhance his social game by helping him remember details about other people. But at the same time, by him using that device, he notices that everyone around him is having a harder and harder time remembering anything. He must figure out how to reverse the memory loss in order to fix the damage he has done to others in his social circle before they’re too far gone and somehow retain his own ability to remember things in the process all while staving off Dr. Knull. Can he save his friends without sacrificing himself? –He ends up using current research “memory games” to enhance his and his friends’ memories rather than relying on faulty technology. Sometimes the “answer” to a problem may be more simple than it first appears. No need to overthink it. This will emphasis the importance of memory when connecting with people and the importance “memory games” can play when experiencing Alzheimer’s symptoms. 

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