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The Behavioral Health Wellness Environments for Living and Learning (BH WELL) research team hosted the Eastern State Hospital (ESH) Self-Care and Work Learning Program (WLP) Student Spotlight Event in the lobby of Eastern State Hospital on April 11, 2023 from 3pm to 8pm. Staff members were invited to stop by and participate in a gratitude challenge, learn about WLP student research, take photos with the Bailey Bee family (BH WELL’s mascot), view video blogs, take home a giveaway item, and even enter in a drawing for a full bag of BH WELL goodies. Attendees also had the opportunity to speak with the BH WELL team about the benefits of self-care, mental and behavioral health research, and psychiatric nursing. 

Attendees were invited to follow BH WELL on social media (@ukbhwell on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), to find the latest mental and behavioral health resources! 

BH WELL enjoyed welcoming WLP students and ESH staff and talking about ways to BH WELL! We exist to promote behavioral health and wellness among individuals facing behavioral health challenges and look forward to sharing that with YOU!  Whether it’s at work, studying for an exam, or spending time with family and friends, we all deserve to BH WELL!

Are you interested in mentored research opportunities? Be sure to get connected to BH WELL on social media and reach out to our team!


Meet the WLP students!


DSW Program

Lella Still (Graduation Spring 2023)

Discharge Cliff: How Social Work Interventions can Bridge the Gap after Psychiatric Hospitalization to Improve Patient Outcomes

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Zakery Sloan (Graduated Spring 2022)

Neuroleadership: a New Burnout Prevention Strategy

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DNP Program (Graduation Spring 2024)

Kristi Smith

The Effect of an Employee Recognition Program for Clinical Registered Nurse Retention at Eastern State Hospital

Committee (Chair, Clinical Mentor, and Faculty Mentor):

Dr. Karen Stefaniak, Marc Woods, Dr. Karen Butler

Learn More

Johna Arnett

Requirements to Decrease Staff Injury in Psychiatric Facilities

Committee (Chair, clinical mentor, and Faculty Mentor)

Dr. Marfell, Dr. Tanna Mckinney, Dr. Chizimuzo Okoli

Learn More

Kristi Smith

Improving engagement and structural empowerment through the co-creation of a shared governance program of nurse leaders and direct care nurses.

Mentor: Tanna McKinney, Advisor: Karen Butler, Faculty members: Judo Godsey and Karen Stefaniak

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Kevin Bryant

Substance Misuse Among People Living with Psychiatric Illnesses

Dr. Debra Hampton, Dr. Chizimuzo Okoli, Dr. Marc Woods

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