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Understanding the three main ways you can use money can take some of the mystery out of your financial decision-making and bring you to a place of greater financial comfort. So come along as we find the clues to financial satisfaction.

Feeling comfortable with your finances may seem like a challenge. 

By understanding the three main ways you can use money, it can take some of the mystery out of your financial decision-making and bring you to a place of greater financial comfort. So come along as we find the clues to financial satisfaction. 

When you think about your money, it’s about more than just paying bills. It’s about that unexpected flat tire or little Bailey B.’s birthday that’s right around the corner.


The first clue to making sense of it all is to save, save, save. But what if I don’t have enough at the end of each month? We get it! There are always shiny new things inviting you to purchase them. So pay YOURSELF first.  Even small amounts add up! Hello! Unexpected flat tire! Savings has been waiting and waiting until it was time to fix you. It is important to save for: retirement, vacation, holidays, and other unexpected events: Hello! Flat tire!


I think I see the second clue! Share. There are opportunities to share EVERY day! How do you decide whether to say yes or no? Well, if you take the time beforehand to brainstorm ways you most want to share (think religious organization, a homeless shelter, disaster relief, close friends and family.) The list of ways to share can be ENDLESS. So, it really helps to decide ahead of time how much and to whom you want to share. Bye, bye, any guilty feelings to saying “no” because you said yes to what was most important to you.


The final clue is right around the corner! Ok! So bills might not seem like the most fun way to SPEND your money. However, paying them can keep food in your stomach, lights on, and provide shelter. Do most of us limit our spending to bills? Probably not. So you can factor in some fun spending too! Choosing to spend your money on one thing means that you are also choosing not to spend it on anything else. So have fun choosing what’s most important to you! Love spending time with your family? Maybe buy a board game and a pizza! Enjoy music? Pick a favorite song. Find a way to treat yourself every month. Getting to the end of your spending and need some fun? Enjoy a nice walk in the park or plan a potluck dinner with some of your besties! Have extra spending money at the end of each month? Increase your savings. Or share a little extra with someone who’s going through a challenging time. 

As long as you have basic needs met (think food, shelter, clothes, water), the truth is that money does not buy you happiness. That’s right! It is scientifically proven that once you have your basic needs met, more money does not equal increased happiness! In fact, when you make money past the point of comfort, emotional well-being and life satisfaction actually decrease. (think comparing ‘stuff’ and seeking more ‘stuff’). Does this mean that getting a huge raise won’t make you happy? Of course, you’ll be HAPPY!!! For a while! But that happiness has been found to quickly go back to your normal levels of happiness.

So remember the three clues to financial decision-making: Save, Share, and Spend. These three ways to make the best use of money can help you achieve your goals and transform yourself into a relaxed, intentional decision-maker when it comes to finances. Beyond that, know that, in the end, it will be your own life satisfaction that leads to sustained happiness over time.