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The University of Kentucky College of Nursing’s Behavioral Health Wellness Environments for Living and Learning (BH WELL) partnered with Eastern State Hospital (ESH) for Socktober.

Did you know that the most-needed but least-donated item is socks? It is important for psychiatric inpatients and psychiatric recovery center residents to have clean, unused socks. This is especially important when they are being discharged and heading back to their communities.

Sometimes it is the seemingly “small” things, such as a new pair of socks, that matter. Therefore, BH WELL is happy to partner with ESH by sharing ten new pair of socks displaying various emotions that Bailey Bee, the behavioral health wellness bee, experiences from time to time.

BH WELL’s mission is to promote behavioral health wellness among individuals living with behavioral health challenges. We offer a variety of free trainings and educational resources for both mental and behavioral health professionals and those they serve.