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Congratulations to Shane Landis for his induction into the Delta Psi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. This honor is by invitation only to those who exemplify excellence in nursing. Landis is a University of Kentucky nursing student and BH WELL undergraduate research intern.

The University of Kentucky Delta Psi Chapter serves to enhance members' professional development, share knowledge and expertise, and contribute to the improvement of healthcare practice and policy. Sigma Theta Tau is a global organization invested in the “advancement of knowledge, teaching, learning and service through the cultivation of communities of practice, education, and research” with dedication to world health. 

Dr. Okoli honors Shane's achievement, "Being inducted into Sigma, Nursing’s Honor Society, is truly an accomplishment and a recognition of the superb qualifications that Shane has exhibited. This is such an important milestone in his nursing career and I look forward to the excellent nurse scholar that he is becoming. He has been such an important part of our work with BH WELL and is an inspiration to many nursing students!"

Enjoying his accomplishment, Shane reflects on his future aspirations, "It is such an honor and privilege to be accepted into such a supportive and prestige community of professional healthcare leaders and students. Currently, I am seeking to specialize in Psychiatric Mental Health as a Nurse Practitioner. Mental health has been a passionate area of mine for some time now, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic with everyone under so much stress and anxiety. Post-BSN, I am also looking forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that the DNP degree offers such as clinical practice, teaching, and research."

Congratulations on your induction into the Delta Psi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, Shane!