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Congratulations to Hannah Brewer, a Behavioral Health Wellness Environments for Living and Learning (BH WELL) Graduate Research Assistant since May 2022, for graduating with a Master’s in Social Work in May 2023 as an advanced standing student.

Hannah brought a unique volunteer experience of years of student mentorship and involvement with international ministry organizations. She was drawn to the work of BH WELL because it offered her an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that can be useful in her career as a social worker. For example, her work toward creation of mental and behavioral health educational blogs and news stories for individual and community consumption required critical thinking and attention to detail. Further, due to an academic-practice partnership between BH WELL and Eastern State Hospital (ESH), Hannah was able to complete her social work practicum at ESH while working as a graduate assistant for BH WELL. In this way, she was able to grow toward her social work career while supporting the BH WELL mission.

In addition to support and development of educational content and her practicum experience, Hannah organized BH WELL events where she directly interacted with individuals to promote behavioral heatlh and wellness. She often found this aspect of work with BH WELL most rewarding because she is passionate about empowering disadvantaged and vulnerable populations through cultivating change and growth in both individuals and communities. 

Hannah reflects on her work with BH WELL. “I see how much I have grown as a professional. This experience was a great fit for me to be able to learn, ask questions, and advocate for mental and behavioral health. I'll always be grateful for the opportunities BH WELL has given me.”

Emily Koyagi, BH WELL Research Program Manager, describes Hannah as a “passionate person who genuinely strives to improve the lives of those she will serve through social work. She has brought so much perspective to our work, and has this contagious motivation that makes working with her so enjoyable. Even though her time with us was brief, we are glad to see her develop even further as a young professional. She will truly make an impact on her clients wherever she ends up going next.” 

Dr. Okoli, Executive Director of BH WELL, shared about Hannah's time with BH WELL. “We are so proud of Hannah’s accomplishment in completing her Masters in Social Work. Hannah has been such a joy to work with at BH WELL. Her constant cheerfulness and dedicated work for our comic book development, the Work Learning Program, and other BH WELL projects have helped to put the ‘excellence’ in the work that we do. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors, knowing that she will be an amazing social worker!”

When asked about her next steps, Hannah replied, “Rest, spend time with friends and family, and look forward to the next opportunity in my career. I'm hopeful to step into a mental health position in the public school system.”

Congratulations, Hannah!