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Congratulations to Kristi Richmond, DNP, on her graduation from the University of Kentucky (UK) College of Nursing (CON) with her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Dr. Richmond’s project, “The Effects of Employee Recognition Program for Clinical Registered Nurse Retention at Eastern State Hospital.” aims to assess the affect of targeted employee recognition program implemented at Eastern State Hospital (ESH) on RN satisfaction as strategy to increase retention. 

Dr. Kristi Richmond

Dr. Richmond has achieved this milestone from the unwavering support of many, including her Yorkshire Terrior who provided much motivation and comfort throughout the completion of her PhD. “I have to thank my most faithful Yorkshire, Boone Smith, for the constant companionship that made a big difference through my journey!” Richmond exclaims.  

Of course, those who acted as support throughout Dr. Richmond's PhD process also had the honor to observe her resilience and dedication to leadership. Dr. Marc Woods, Chief Nursing Officer with UK Health Care notes, "Dr. Kristi Richmond exemplifies nursing leadership that not only meets the highest standards but also serves as a beacon for aspiring leaders. Her work on nurse recognition career is a testament to the profound impact of leading by example in the nursing profession." 


Dr. Richmond gives much credit to ESH’s Work Learning Program (WLP) which helped her professional development throughout her academic journey in countless ways. “From seminars to guidance regarding literature reviews and developing academic research papers, I could count on the Work Learning Program time and time again.” Furthermore, she notes the significance of the smaller comforts that WLP was able to provide, such as a study space with refreshments. "I know it might seem small, but having my favorite drink and refreshment available to me really made a difference as I began studies after a long day at work,” Richmond emphasizes. 


As Dr. Richmond reflect on her journey leading up to graduation, she expresses profound appreciation, “After much hard work, I have graduated with my Docorate in Nursing Practice! I am now officially Dr. Kristi Richmond!” Looking into the future, she is excited for all the adventures to come such as backpacking trips to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, and Glacier National Park!   


Congratulations, Dr. Richmond!