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Evidence-based programs are based on rigorous research outcomes that have proven them effective and that have been translated into practical programs at the community level in an effective way. Program evaluation considers what a program set out to accomplish, how it defined success, and how effective the program actually was once implemented. Completing a program evaluation can help your program achieve its desired impact. BH WELL has a team of experts in program evaluation. Examples of program evaluations completed by the BH WELL are shown here. If you want to learn more, please contact us

The Tobacco Dependence Clinic Program Evaluation

An evaluation of a Tailored Tobacco Treatment  Program within Community Mental Health and Addictions Services in Vancouver, Canada.

The Vancouver General Hospital Smoking Cessation Clinic

An evaluation of a tobacco treatment program within a General Hospital. 


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Eastern State Hospital Tobacco Treatment Services

An evaluation of a nurse-led tobacco treatment service within an inpatient psychiatric facility.


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KVC Kentucky Consumer Satisfaction Surveys

A psychometric evaluation of a satisfaction survey for use within a behavioral health service.

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